*Please note that some samples are written under my pseudonym, Jessica Bowman.

the stove is off at home

In the stove is off at home, Shawnie Hamer lends us her vulnerability, which stunningly and poignantly presents itself as temple, as rebel, as demolitionist, as nurturer, as example, as guiding star and remedy...

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Left Hand Brewery: Helping Us Live In The “Present” With New CBD Sparkling Waters

The next time you want a healthy beverage to revitalize your body, head over to…the brewery?

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Review: Say Mother, Say Hand by Marie Conlan

And through the devastating washing, the narrator is able to hallucinate the first fracture, the first trauma of a Jewish grandmother fighting for her young life in Holocaust-era Poland. A woman with many names, but was first named Renata, who now only lives in memories tinged with horror—lives in the hardness of decorated hands that wield weapons like iron fire pokers and bottles of vodka at her children’s temples.

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You Know Nothing, Jon Snow: The Battle of IP Law

Unfortunately, IP protocol is a battle you’ll have to fight in order to build a successful business…and who knows more about battling than the fan-favorite series, Game of Thrones. 

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Photo by Black Market Translation
Black Market Translation: Denver’s (and the World’s) Only Improv Punk Band

But who are these mysterious musicians handing out free therapy to writers and audiences alike via cutting chords and high-tempo beats? Made up of axe-man Chris Eason, bassist Matt Clifford, and drummer Justin Anderson, the band describes themselves as an “Improv Punk Psychedelic Junk Wave Sufi Doom Surf” band, I can safely say that you’ll never hear another band like them.

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Social Media: collective.aporia

Collective.aporia is an inclusive online arts collective featuring monthly creative workshops and *apo-press.

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Larimer Street: Surrealist Musings in The Matchbox

Isn’t it the truth that so much of the moon, of the city, of the neighborhood, thirsts? For change and for safety. For home, both literally and figuratively. Five Points quickly becoming the gentrified American “dream,” leaving out so many.

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A Colorado Woman Forced To Give Birth In Jail Alone: How Denver Is Failing

Just like that, this one story becomes a microcosm of American politics, the attack of the rights of marginalized communities, and the racism that is embedded in both.

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Barcelona is for Punk Rock

You walk a few more blocks, see a steeple, follow it (because, why not?) and there is the Sagrada Familia, which is pretty punk rock too, if you ask me, and the tension between God and Anarchy continues.

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How to Hold the Kardashian-Jenner’s Accountable With Compassion

This has led me to contemplate the question that many have written and theorized about since the social media boom began integrating with social justice work—what is the best way of holding celebrities accountable for their privilege, or possibly even recruiting them as allies, especially with the perceived closeness created by social media?

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Photo by Ozge Karabal on Pexels.com
It’s Not Polite to Stare at Body Autonomy

My parents haven’t seen Body in years. Met them once at a corner on Baker Street. In aisle 5 shopping for Frosted Flakes. A sticky interaction, one worn like memory, like cut-off jean jacket hiding in the back of the closet. When M & I leave for Highway 1, they feel the grief. Miss Body, wish their children could have seen the swag of their grin, heard the sharp cuts of Body’s laugh. They want to tell us these things, want to postpone the distance, but say “Be careful” instead.

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