Shawnie Hamer

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I am an innovative writer and editor with a background in sales, marketing, education, community organization, technology, and the arts. With over 10 years of experience in creative and technical writing, I possess the creativity and diligence to:

  • Deliver unique content
  • Cultivate and retain key client relationships
  • Structure successful teams and procedures
  • Implement competitive campaign concepts
  • Create measurable deliverables
  • Think outside the box to uplift your brand


“I love working with Shawnie as an editor, organizer, and co-collaborator. Shawnie is extremely hard working and dedicated to whatever the task is at hand. She is organized and detail-oriented, and doesn’t allow even small things to fall through the cracks. Her feedback as an editor is similarly detail-oriented, as well as compassionate and engaged. Basically, Shawnie never does anything halfway. Her thoroughness, professionalism, and authentic care make her one of the best editors and leaders I’ve worked with. I say this as an editor, coach, and teacher myself. I am always impressed by the high level of both perseverance, passion, and generosity that Shawnie always pours into her work.”

— Sarah Richards Graba | Professor & Writing Coach

“Shawnie Hamer is a fantastic writer and a great person to work with. My professional experience with her was nothing but pleasant, as she was eager to write about a variety of entertainment topics, learn new things, and was very reliable. While working together remotely, Shawnie was always very communicative which made all the difference while not in the same office. While I was her editor, her pieces were always a joy to read and rarely ever needed much editing, if any at all. She always had a positive attitude and is someone I would recommend for a writing or editing job in the future.”

— Natalie Zamora | Editor at Minute Media

“Shawnie is a phenomenal writer across a (very) wide variety of genres, audiences, and purposes. I have worked with her on a number of writing, marketing, and communications projects in our roles as Writing Fellows at Naropa University, and was always proud of our products and impressed with her work. As a fellow writing teacher, I also have observed Shawnie passing on to students the communication skills she brings to her own professional writing — she knows her stuff, enough to teach it to others! Shawnie is incredibly warm and communicative, while also being one of the most detail-oriented and deadline-honoring collaborators I know. She is thorough, responsible, and kind, and is a true pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Shawnie as a writer, editor, and communications colleague!”

— Megan Heise | Writing Spaces Editor

“Shawnie writes colorful, outlandish, true-to-life characters that inhabit the ongoing, bizarre reality… and the great thing is that we care about these characters. Her writing is, fresh, funny, passionate, unpredictable, down-to-earth, and has something to say. She’s got a lot of real world life experience and it’s there in her writing…She’s very good at rewriting. She listens well, filters, and then uses feedback to improve her work. I’m sure [others] will attest to Shawnie’s obvious intelligence and qualifications, so I would like to put in a word about her personality. She is a delight to work with. Always there, always smiling, always willing to take a chance, always willing to give a piece of herself, excited about life.”

— Tom Coach | Playwright

“I can say that Shawnie has a strong handle on the rhetorical situation (important in any composition or research course), that she builds lessons allowing for experiential learning to occur, and that she approaches the classroom dynamic with a sense of curiosity about what her students know and the directions they’d like to pursue.”

— Michelle Naka Pierce | Director, Naropa Writing Center & Core Writing Seminars

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